This is a set of 7 affirmations to remind you of your inherent worthiness.   When these beliefs about yourself are out of balance it can cause endless anxiety – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and ultimately socially.    These are our core beliefs about ourselves and if these beliefs are positive we function optimally and with ease through life. The opposite is also true. These core beliefs and images we hold about ourselves are under constant onslaught from inside and outside forces – subtly and directly/indirectly – those limiting parental, cultural, societal beliefs and family narratives, media stereotyping, the childhood trauma-conditioning and insecurities.  

Let these affirmations sink into and saturate your mind on a daily basis – when you get into the shower, before bed at night, say it out loudly on your way to work or when you just need to be reminded who your REALLY are in difficult situations.  The more you say it, think it and feel it, the stronger the effects on your life.    This has been my saving grace the last few months as I am busy getting my bounce back and feeling safe in my own body and life again.  

I am loved and I am worthy

I am safe and I am free

I am powerfully protected

I am master of my body and ruler of my mind

If your mind is mostly negatively programmed through conditioning, start by asking yourself questions.   Iffirmations or then “What if” questions are a powerful tool to open your mind to wonder and possibility at what could be possible beyond the questions.  It opens up choice and is therefore a positive step towards taking back your power and creating life rather than just suffering or surviving life. 

Imagine a life where this is possible… how different will you be, look and feel?  How different would your finances be, your relationships with yourself, others and the Divine? Then work your way towards saturating your mind and being with the 7 affirmations as above. Whenever you catch yourself falling back into the negative conditioning/programming just gently affirm again and again.

What if I am loved and what if I am worthy?

What if I am safe and what if I am free?

What if I am powerfully protected?

What if I am master of my body and ruler of my mind?

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