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At Urban simplicity, we believe that creating a life you don’t need a vacation from starts at home. Intentionally creating a beautiful space that feels like a safe haven creates a sense of wellbeing for you and your family.
Our intentional living ideas are based on the principals of hygge: to create a sense of contentment and wellbeing. How do you do this? Easy. Live well, eat well, sleep well, and be happy.
Live well: make your home a wonderful place to be by getting rid of clutter and adding specifically chosen items to add beauty, comfort and, calmness to your spaces. You can never have enough throws and cushions. Light a candle, make your home smell amazing, bring nature in with flowers and plants, and hang art that speaks to you. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine, set boundaries to protect your wellbeing, read a book, watch your favourite movie, and drink tea (or coffee, maybe some hot chocolate, whatever makes you happy!).
Eat well: listen to your body, cook with fresh and delicious ingredients, and eat together as a family.
Sleep well: When your body is nourished and your space help you feel calm and content, a good night’s rest is almost guaranteed.
Be happy.
We have lovingly sourced locally made items to help you create a space you love to come to. We stock stunning, incredibly soft throws, the dreamiest fragrances in candles in all different shapes and styles, beautiful reed diffusers, and much more.


To provide intentional living ideas that are based on the principals of hygge: to create a sense of contentment and wellbeing in our daily lives.


We aim to inspire and provide simple and lasting, intentional lifestyle ideas for a happier and healthier life.

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