A minimalist lifestyle brings simplicity into your life and living space, allowing peace of mind and tranquillity in the urban rat race we live in.

We are all so overcommitted with this wedding, and that birthday, and this coffee date, and work, work, work; only to come home and avert your eyes to the mountain of dishes in the sink, trip and stumble over random items that don’t really have a place, push the pile of washing off the bed, and realise that you forgot about another thing you have to do tomorrow. Sound familiar? Or does it just sound terrible? Both?

Minimalism brings focus to the things that are ACTUALLY important to us and removes the unnecessary clutter that diverts that focus away. This means not only owning less but also doing less.  Less is more.

If scaling down doesn’t sound appealing, here are some more reasons to consider decluttering your home and your life:

  1. You can live a more intentional life.

With less internal and external clutter clouding your way, you will be able to switch from auto-pilot and take control of your own life.

  1. Spend less.

The age old saying: quality over quantity applies here. When you no longer feel the need to own everything you don’t need, you will not only save money but be able to buy higher quality items. Imagine all the money you will save. Imagine if you could give to that cause you care about. Imagine if you could take that trip to Paris. You can.

  1. More time.

Imagine no more piles of washing, no more mountains of dishes. What would you do with your Sunday afternoon is you didn’t have to do ironing for the week?  Imagine spending your weekend with no prior commitments. What would you do with your weekend?

  1. Beautiful spaces.

Own only what is useful or beautiful. No more empty glass jars you don’t and wont use. You don’t have to shove everything away into a cupboard every time somebody comes to visit. You will be able to create a beautiful, sanctuary of tranquillity.

  1. Feel better.

“External clutter is internal clutter on display”. Being less stressed, and less sluggish means you will have the energy and drive to read that book, write that book, paint that painting. Or just feel great about your house, yourself, your life.

Enough said.

  1. Freedom

You will only be doing and owning the things that you need to be doing and owning – not because the neighbour has something similar or your co-worker’s sister’s dog is having a kitchen tea, or because society says you need to use a certain shampoo. You will have freedom not only from expectations of others, but more freedom to have and do what you really want to have and do. Capeesh?


If you don’t want more of what’s important to you, less stress, calm inside and out, a beautiful home you can be proud of, and an enriched life then minimalism is not for you. If you do though, just get rid of all your excess stuff and clear your calendar of all the things you don’t need to do. It’s that simple.

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