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Have you ever tried talking to someone who has their mind made up about an idea or belief? Is it like trying to get through a brick wall? That is because it IS an energetic wall. Every time you take a fixed point of view about something you create another wall.
For example, if you say “I am never doing that again!” or take any absolute point of view it limits what you can receive. Does a fixed decision like that create more choice and possibility in your life, or less? Does it create an impact on your body?
By having your bars run, this all can be changed easily. Running The Bars® releases stuck energy – like releasing old files off your computer.

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Running Access Bars ® is a simple, non-evasive therapeutic process where a therapist lightly touches 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head.  These bars store the electromagnetic component of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.  There are bars for Healing, Body, Control, Awareness, Creativity, Power, Ageing, Sex and Money, to name a few.   The purpose of a bars session is to release electromagnetic charge and open a space for receiving.   You will have more space to create something new and wonderful in your life.   You will sense greater possibilities in situations where you have only experienced limitations before. 

Some benefits of Access Bars ® include:

  • Greater mental clarity, motivation and problem-solving capacity
  • Increase in joy and happiness
  • Improvement in states of depression and anxiety
  • Decrease in interpersonal conflicts
  • Less reactive and more peaceful
  • Deeper relaxation and better sleep

These results have been experienced for by many people for many years, and independent research was done by Dr Lisa Conney and Linda Adamowski because people were curious about the science behind it.  The research is the first of its kind, and what they discovered was amazing.

If also interested in the science behind Access Bars ® results, you can watch the 15-minute video here:  

Science behind Access Bars ®

Access Consciousness Blog

Review of Access Bars® by Neuroscientist Dr Jeffrey L. Fannin:
Review of Access Bars ® 

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